How To Apply Chelsea Grin (Joker) Scars

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If you have purchased our Chelsea Grin Scar Prosthetics, the following page provides detailed instructions for how to apply them and properly take care of them to ensure repeated use.

Instructions (How to Apply):

Make sure your face and the appliances are clean and dry, you can clean the scars by wiping them with IPA (rubbing alcohol), or soap and water. If you use soap and water make sure you rinse them thoroughly.

For each scar, one at a time:
Apply a drop or two of spirit gum to the back of the scar.
Use a finger to cover the entire backside.
Dab the spirit gum until it begins to becomes tacky or sticky.
Then apply the scar in the desired location.
Make sure the edges are flat and smooth and not folded up on themselves.
Do not move your mouth while the spirit gum sets.

Once the spirit gum has set and the scars feel firmly attached to your skin, apply the liquid latex to edges of the scars with a Q-tip or similar applicator. Allow the liquid latex to dry, (drying can be accelerated with a hair dryer) then continue to apply layers of latex and dry them until the edges are blended to your liking.

With a foam latex wedge sponge, dab on the white creme makeup. Start with a very small amount, remember, it is much easier to add more color than to try and remove color. Squinting your eyes and crinkling your nose when applying the white makeup will leave lines to create a distressed appearance. Do not apply white makeup to or near your eyes. You will need to use black on them later and if you apply white to them now, the black will smudge and mix. Only apply white to areas that will be white. Anything that you will later be coloring black or red should be left alone for now.

Using a thin paint brush, apply the red creme makeup to the lips and insides of the scars.

Apply small amounts of black around your eyes, and then spread the makeup using a clean foam latex wedge sponge. Again, start off with small amounts and add more color as necessary. If you overdo the color, it is difficult to remove without smudging everything else and you may have to clean your face and start over. Once done, you can distress and smudge the makeup further if you wish using either of the used latex wedge sponges.

Carefully remove the scars and gently peel away the latex used to blend the edges. The latex will not permanently adhere to the scars and should peel away easily. Gently wash the scars by hand with soap and water. Dry with a paper towel and then use a drop of spirit gum applied to the back of each scar to reattach the scars to the paper card. Storing them attached to a piece of cardboard or paper will keep the delicate edges protected.

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