Chelsea Grin Scar Prosthetic (Joker)

Engineered Fear

  • $ 1700

Scar prosthetics designed to create a creepy "Chelsea Grin". The perfect makeup appliance to complete your Joker costume. These are made of silicone rubber and are very stretchy and durable. The edges are paper thin and blend pretty easily with liquid latex. They can be applied with any number of makeup adhesives, but spirit gum or BetaBond are recommended. This product contains a complete set of scars, including each cheek and the lower lip scar. Great for a clown, jester, or Joker costume.

The photos are examples of different applications of these scars with clown makeup and flesh toned makeup. Each set of scars may differ slightly from those pictured as this is a hand crafted makeup prosthetic. All scars are produced using the same mold as those pictured.

Spirit gum and clear liquid latex, for applying and blending the prosthetic scars, as well as cream and grease makeup for completing the look can be found in the makeup section of our store. We also offer a complete Joker makeup kit with scars that contains all of these items. Chelsea Grin (Joker) Scar Prosthetic Makeup Kit

Instructions for how to apply these prosthetics as well as a makeup tutorial can be found at Engineered Fear Blog: How to Apply Chelsea Grin Scars

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